Sunday, June 27, 2010


Image of a "lonely princess" for my June ATC trade.

Acrylic's done during college

A customer asked me to draw a picture of a Sasqwatch eating chocolate drops. He was selling them and calling them Sasqwatch drops. I thought he was kind of cute.
Susan and I were emailing one time and I accidentally signed my name "Crappin Sis" instead of Scrappin Sis. It stuck and I did a cartoon of us from a photo we had taken of us in front of a carnival mirror.

Caricature of Jade and Annie at 4 and 6 1/2
Series of Leeah watching TV

I've been taking care of Leeah a lot more than I have for awhile. I just love to have her here. She's better than a full feature film. I love to watch her grow. I think I've taken thousands of pictures of her already and she's only 19 months.
Here are a few of the "punkin girl". She is watching a few of her favorite "Sprout TV programs" Kipper, The Upside Down show and Clifford the Big Red Dog. Her mom knows all the songs, and I'm beginning to hum them around the house. Hmmmm!
I've spent the past 3 weeks organizing my photographs from a lifetime! And, I spent the past 6 weeks organizing my artwork (as much as I could get on my scanner or take decent shots of with my digital. I'm putting them on CD's so I can pass them around to family. I forgot I did so much. Kind of overwhelming. It's so makes me want to be more creative. My ideas are flowing. Here are a few of the oldies but goodies from yesteryear.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another little artist in our family

Leeah's first drawings. I wonder what she's trying to say

Workin my fingers to the bone!!

I've spent the last week and a half on the computer downloading my art to put on CD'S. What a job. My legs don't work anymore from sitting too much. Thank goodness for Leeah. She makes me chase her all over the place. I do get my exercise. Here are some art "blasts from the past" and some new ones of Leeah and Annie and Jade etc. 1st pic is Leeah in a box. #2 our family at Easter. #3 Auntie Jadders feeding. #4 Mama Annie feeding Leeah. #5 Uncle Brett holding Leeah #6 Leeah in a box again.
#7 Leeah sticking her tongue out to get rid of the dirt. #8 Tara sketch
#9 Brett sketch #10 Me outside the box #11 Kimberlee Kristen 15