Friday, July 15, 2011

It's baby steps to gettin' yer grooooove back . . .

2 weeks ago we had an Atc trade at our local craft store. Before we went we took our friend Diana to lunch for her 75th birthday at Billie McHales. We had a great time and the waitstaff sang happy birthday to her in front of all the people in the restaurant. Oh well, you only turn 75 once in a lifetime. :O) Then we went back to the trade and Diana had a demonstration on photo transfers.
Lil, Helen & Cheryl

Helen made these wonderful birds for another trade she goes to. Talented lady!

Helen's beautiful birds

Helen & Cheryl, Lynn in background

Lynn, Lew & Diana

Diana cringing
She'll hate me in the morning. Oh no, she's gonna hate me right now!!!

Who did this to me?

My little friend Lily next door and I were doin our thing this afternoon.

Next is a cartoon for my brother Layne.

These are the photo transfers that we did at our trade. I'm going to use mine to decorate my heritage albums. Should be fun!

Nana and a friend in those lovely swimsuits in the 1920's
Here are Madeline and Mom (Bobbie) at the beach sometime around 1930


These are two 2 x 2 inch paintings that were part of an art challenge. The first paintings or art were to be 1 x 1 inch. Then we'd go to 2 inch art and so on. I kind of lost momentum. I'm working on some sketches and ideas for my new ATC's so I am actually working. Very little, but working. It feels odd not to be creating every day. I feel lazy. I always tell my students that after a big push of creativity you need to slow down and recharge your creative batteries. To process what you've just done so it sinks in. It gives you time to fill back up again. Maybe that's what's going on. Hmmmm?

Guess what we've been doing? And more games, books, and fun 2 1/2 yr old ideas.