Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fields of Lavender

Fields of lavender
Swaying with the gentle breeze
Aroma so sweet

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Walls of Spring

This is the fence behind A lot 'o' Flowers in Fairhaven.
This is also a wall of blossoms that usher in their yearly entrance into Spring!!
I am disappointed they had to move their business. I really loved the spot they were in.
I especially loved the back gardens, the hidden gardens.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hope for Spring

Each bud a prayer
Each time a blossom answers
And we humbly sigh.....

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More Treasures

Sacred room of Stuff
Which will soon turn to treasures
Of a little girl

Well here we are again. You are looking in to the inner sanctum
of a mind in conflict. I collect art supplies to use just in case and create stuff 
until I can't find a wall to hang it on and still love the feel of a studio crammed with
memorabilia. I just can't help bringing home some colorful object I know will just really
enjoy hanging out near my french mask or my taboret with all my paint brushes
and color pencils. If I were a colorful object that is exactly where I would 
want to be. Soon I will be in the process of purging this sacred spot in
my world to make room for an even more sacred spot. I will start
creating a special space for my great granddaughter Leeah 
to call her "own room". Pink and purple I imagine,
with lots of stuffed animals and pretty pillows 
to lay on. There will be a shelf with cubbies 
to put her treasures and hooks to hang her 
coats and "Pack Backs".

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jade picking up seashells

Sea shells on the beach
Mussels, clams and sand dollars
Which one will I choose

This is a drawing of my granddaughter Jade Marie one day at the beach.

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Walls in Eureka

These are two walls I shot while walking through Eureka, CA.
The top one is of a local forested area. The artwork was beautiful to walk by. It
gives me a good feeling when I see art everywhere. It means others are
feeling it too. It's a good thing!!

This is a giant octopus wrapping its tentacles around the boat
of some very scared fishermen on the Eureka waterfront.

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