Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Graphiti.....

My favorite shots......

I have loved graphiti since I was a kid. I especially like train graphiti. I always carry a camera in my
car when I leave the house. You never know. And creative painting, murals, trompe'l.......
The first five below are from the train yards down by the Bellingham Marina. The last 3 are trains that
have been mothballed in a fenced enclosure near the Eureka, California Marina.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"I spy with my little eye"

"A mermaid in the sky"

This is the most recent Art Journal page I created.
The theme was "I spy with my little eye" Not necessarily something
in the sky, but, that's what I chose. It turned out to be a mermaid. When 
I look into the clouds it is usually a face. For some reason, I see faces in everything.

This is the page of clouds I painted the night before 
I started drawing.

I just pondered for awhile and just started drawing. I didn't have anything
definite in mind. In fact my first thought was an older man with a long grey
beard, but what a surprise!

I spy with my little eye
A small mermaid in the sky
Swimming along unaware

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Friday, October 12, 2012


Artists are here to
                                Disturb the Peace!

I was waiting for the next art journal challenge and it hasn't come yet. 

Princess Leeah and the Big Pink Castle


Jade and I are going to write a book for Leeah. It will be about her favorite things; fairies and castles. And it will be about her favorite colors Pink and Purple and Blue.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Art Journal pages 20 thru 29

The next two Art Journal pages are done by dipping string or twine in thick paint and dropping 
it on a white sheet and letting it just fall where it will. I filled in the outer edges with light blue
watercolour and the inside areas with dark blue. I blended some areas and enhanced some
of the lines with black ink. I then filled the spaces with thoughts and quotes and poetry.

The next five pages are about travel. Our prompt was to think about a place, real,
imagined or a place that we've always wanted to travel to. We then were asked to
design a journal page that depicted that place. I decided to create a number of
pages about a place I always dreamed about and was interested in all of my life. Sailing
the seas in tall ships during the 16th, 17 and 18th centuries. I've done drawings about it
over the years and even thought that maybe I might have lived in that time in history.
Who knows?
These journal pages tell of a Captain Johathan Chapman and a trip he took on his ship into
the South Seas, Jakarta and Polynesia. He writes a letter to his wife about the trip. One page
shows the journal in it's proper folder on the ship in his desk. Another page is the inside of the
log book showing a couple of entries the Capt. made during the voyage. Another page is the explanation of why I wrote about this subject. The last page is a watercolour of the Capt.
standing on deck looking out to sea with the letter to his wife Abby
super imposed over the watercolour.

This page is also about travel. But this time it is a family reunion and graduation trip 
for Chris (my nephew). It depicts several of the places we traveled. Eugene, Oregon for the
 graduation and spending time with family; over to the Pacific coast to Florence, Coos Bay,
New Port, Canon Beach, Seaside and Astoria and up Highway 101
 into Washington and over to I-5 and home.

The next two journal pages are about the circus.

I am not generally a rabid circus goer, but I have been to the circus four or five times 
when I was young. Enough times to know what it was all about. These pages are the
knowledge I gleaned from sitting under the "Big Top" when I was a young girl.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Precious Girl Angel

Precious girl angel
Were you the beauty I dreamed
or my heart rhythm

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Art Journal Pages 6 through 19

These are 9 more pages in my 2012 Art Journal. It's really been fun.
And I've done so much that I've never done before.

This group of art pieces is part of a year long art project I started on March 4th this year.
Every 2 weeks the project and the instructor change. The site is Art Journaling-It's all good. 
There are nearly 5ooo artists from all over the world that participate every day in one of the 
many workshops they offer. Some workshops have a donation fee and some are free. And 
all of them are worth while for any artist new to Art Journaling. I've been an artist in many 
different mediums and I had never tried Art Journaling. I decided that I needed to move 
out of my comfort zone and push myself. I also wanted to push myself to "make art". So, 
many pages later, here are some of the results.
I used a base coat of white gesso, then watercolor and blended it to create a surface 
I could write on. I had sketched the laundry before I started painting. I just picked up the 
bag over my head and turned it over. This is how they fell. I used watercolor and Prisma color pencils and India ink. I painted the lettering with a small brush and white opaque gouche.
The bottom piece is watercolor.
The prompts for these 2 pieces of art: Write about something mundane 
in your life and keep writing until it becomes pleasant or worthy. I chose washday.
The color challenge is deep brick red, indigo blue and sap green. 

I have also been writing haiku for several months now. Here is one for washday.

 It's wash day again
skirts, shirts, pants, towels and skivvies,
coffee sounds good now.

Prompt: Observe "Writing on the Wall". Graphiti is everywhere and we were
asked to notice all that we could and even to photograph pieces we liked. I happen to 
have an affinity for train graphiti. So I've been taking pictures of train cars ever since.
But, I decided to do the side of a wall instead.

Love is everything
And I'll scream it to the hills
It is all that is!

The prompt for this piece: Ink blots!! Use ink, watered down paint or whatever you have to lay 
down color and then close your journal, open it up and see the goodness. It's always different.
Whatever  you see, go with it. 

The two sides of me
with color, hair and face, 
is still just one me.

This challenge required a mirror, a box of Crayola Crayons, and self discipline enough
 to follow rules. This challenge is a blind,contour-drawing self portrait. Get  comfortable in
front of your mirror and study your face. See it now in shapes and lines. When we were 
ready we had to draw the lines of our faces while looking at the mirror DO NOT LOOK
 AT YOUR PAPER! Let your hand move based on looking at the image of your
face in the mirror. Use your favorite colors.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Lovely Clematis

Lovely Clematis
On a dear friends garden path
I appeared on time

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

In our heart of hearts
Trees are the great sentinels
Watching over earth

An umbrella wide
With lush greenery hiding
All the young new growth

This is a shot of trees I took on one of our stops
on vacation in Oregon.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rex & Maya at Grump and Grammy's

My Nephew Rex and My Niece Maya playing in the sun.
Pictures during vacation trip with Brett & Stephen, to Layne & Susan's
place in Kneeland, California. 2008

Sitting in the sun
Warming our bones from winter
Precious warm sunrays

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My Aunt Rosie circa 1900

My aunt Rosie standing near the side wall of the
San Fernando Mission in San Fernando, California in the early
1900's. (1901-1905)
Now I know where I get my love of hats. All the women on both
sides of my family loved hats and wore the most elaborate I think they could find. 
More about that in a later post.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fields of Lavender

Fields of lavender
Swaying with the gentle breeze
Aroma so sweet

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Walls of Spring

This is the fence behind A lot 'o' Flowers in Fairhaven.
This is also a wall of blossoms that usher in their yearly entrance into Spring!!
I am disappointed they had to move their business. I really loved the spot they were in.
I especially loved the back gardens, the hidden gardens.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hope for Spring

Each bud a prayer
Each time a blossom answers
And we humbly sigh.....

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More Treasures

Sacred room of Stuff
Which will soon turn to treasures
Of a little girl

Well here we are again. You are looking in to the inner sanctum
of a mind in conflict. I collect art supplies to use just in case and create stuff 
until I can't find a wall to hang it on and still love the feel of a studio crammed with
memorabilia. I just can't help bringing home some colorful object I know will just really
enjoy hanging out near my french mask or my taboret with all my paint brushes
and color pencils. If I were a colorful object that is exactly where I would 
want to be. Soon I will be in the process of purging this sacred spot in
my world to make room for an even more sacred spot. I will start
creating a special space for my great granddaughter Leeah 
to call her "own room". Pink and purple I imagine,
with lots of stuffed animals and pretty pillows 
to lay on. There will be a shelf with cubbies 
to put her treasures and hooks to hang her 
coats and "Pack Backs".

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jade picking up seashells

Sea shells on the beach
Mussels, clams and sand dollars
Which one will I choose

This is a drawing of my granddaughter Jade Marie one day at the beach.

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Walls in Eureka

These are two walls I shot while walking through Eureka, CA.
The top one is of a local forested area. The artwork was beautiful to walk by. It
gives me a good feeling when I see art everywhere. It means others are
feeling it too. It's a good thing!!

This is a giant octopus wrapping its tentacles around the boat
of some very scared fishermen on the Eureka waterfront.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Up with the wind

Here I am up at 4am. I'm up with the wind. It is blowing the trees outside
my bedroom window so hard it made me get up and look out to see if they
were coming down. They are pretty awesome when they blow like crazy. It says
25mph, but I wouldn't believe it from what I'm feeling now. I'm too wide awake now
to go back to bed, so I'm wandering the living room and trying to find something I
can fix or put away before I go back to bed.
See you in the morning.

It's almost sunrise
the wind is howling outside
still awake dreaming

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