Saturday, January 28, 2012

Grama Lynn's Holiday 2007

Layne's barn across the drive from their house.
It's beautiful sitting back in the woods so quiet and empty. Although
there are the occasional mouse, rat, racoon, cat, dog, birds and maybe an owl.
Maybe it's not so empty after all. Layne is my oldest brother (closest to me
but younger than me) who lives with his wife Susan and at one time their 
two children Kimberlee and Justin. They are grown with families of 
their own now. Justin and his wife Nikkole have 4 girls and live a few 
miles down the long rural neighborhood drive to town. Kimberlee lives 
several hours away with her two children, a boy and girl. They are a 
close family and spend alot of time at the house that Dad and Mom
built years ago. They blazed a trail and cut a road into a ravene in
a large stand of live Oak and Fir trees. Several stands of oak and 
fir that stretch across thirty acres, are covered in lichen and 
dripping with Spanish Moss. Is it any wonder that our families, 
myself and three other brothers, enjoy 
coming to visit so much. There are so many outdoor
activities to occupy all the ages. 
It is my favorite place to visit. That year in 2007,
I took hundreds of pictures and have 
been painting ever since.

A breath of fresh air
In a forest primeval
Can set a mind free

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Go Fish Cafe (WOW)

This is the wall of a restaurant on the Eureka waterfront. My brother Layne
and I drove around the Eureka area one day and just took pictures. If you ever
make it to the Eureka area it is a must see if you love fun art!!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Tea For Two

Hello. My great-grandmother is comparing her computer skills
to my tea serving skills.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Hi Cheryl, this is for you!

About Writing on the Wall....

I would if I could
if I only remembered
Give me a minute.....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Favorite things...

Leeah is painting a "person" she made with polymer clay

Here she is painting a "callipiter" that Grama Lynn and she made.

Painting the "callipiter".

Painting another person

Leeah is doing her favorite thing...painting! 
And after the hard day of painting she gets into a good book.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Zen Circle for Kyra with love.....

Here is some Haiku for the Soul

The winter cuts deep
in the Pacific Northwest
Part of our magic

Christmas time is here
With family, friends and all
A busy season

A New Year has come
And all anticipation
Overtakes us now

Quarter moon rising
On a cold December night
All the stars ablaze

Christmas lights twinkle
On my decorated tree
It is the season

Of a winter's night
On a snowy city street
Sounds are muffled soft

In morning slumber
I awake to bumps and bells
It must be St. Nick

I hear the fireworks
The new year is upon us

Lunch with Friends

Debi, Sarah and Steven came up from Seattle this week-end. We went to lunch at Mombo Italiano in Fairhaven. There was a little vintage shop across the inside plaza and Sarah went over to inspect. She found the cutest outfit, so I had to take pictures. Lunch was yuuuuummmmmy!! Thank you Deb. :O)

New thing in ATC's

Good Morning,
I have just added a few Inchies (small ATC cards) for your enjoyment. These are a fairly new thing in the ATC world. Not everyone does them or even likes to do them. The ones that do are quite beautiful. Hope you enjoy these.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A new Wall

Who's window is this
Who plants Petunias so bright
Who thinks to water
I feel bad Cheryl... I lost my directions on how to get my pict to your wall. Hmmph!! I'm sorry. I'll call tomorrow.

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year hair do

Here is a new hair do for princess Leeah