Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art spaces around the house.

Just below are a number of different yarns
and string I use as hair for my Whimsies.

Here are a few areas where I work in my home. I have them spread out all over the house so I can move around and get more exercise.

This is a Whimsie after molding and sculpting and baking.
Getting ready to put arms and legs on the body.

Whimsie after painting the face and hands and feet and attaching arms and legs. I usually eyeball the pattern for each outfit. I hand sew each piece of clothing.

This is my favorite chair in my living room. I use it for just about everything.
I use it to relax, read, watch TV, sleep and work on art projects.

This is my kitchen table, dining room table, art studio table etc. etc.

Picts of my favorite "Little Person" & new Whimsies

I've been spending the last few weeks working on these dolls and getting ready to start my project for "Creative Cups for Cancer" 2010.

Abigaile ran away from home at 16. The aristocracy was more than she could handle. Poppy and Mumsy would faint if they knew what I was doing.

Scooter has pink hair and JJ has yellow hair. JJ sells lemonade on the sidewalk in her front yard. She is saving her money for a brand new bike. Scooter is only two years old, but still wants to sell lemonade with her sister. She dreams of buying herself an ice-cream sundae.

Lucy loves slumber parties, chick flicks, pizza and her favorite pillow.

Morgan is a jester in the high court. His job is to perform for the Kings many guests.

Little Leeah brushing her teeth at Grama Lynn's house. She mostly likes to suck the toothpaste out of the brush. She's getting the idea though.