Thursday, September 2, 2010

Leeah at Grama's art table

Leeah will be two on October 26th. Annie will be 18 on October 26th.
Here are several pictures of Leeah at my art table
and at other times when I take care of her at my house.

Here she is flexing her muscles.

She didn't like her new toy worm (Jade named it Melman???)
She couldn't figure out how to make it gooooo!!
Once she did, she was a crazy lady!!

Here we are on the porch with the ladies in the bldg just
gossiping, drinking tea and waving at the cars.

Mama Annie after bath.

Leeah on Melman after a few try's. Getting the hang of it.

Leeah's sleeping area at Grama's

Leeah like a big girl at grama's art table.
This was an hour and a half session, non stop.
When ever she picks out a color, she picks out one for me
and she expects me to draw with her. :O)

All business.

This day she was all over the electric pencil sharpener. She actually sharpened about 30 of my art pencils. Whew!! She giggled uncontrollably every time she heard the noise of the pencil going in the sharpener.

My Sweet Pea!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creative Cups for Cancer 2010

I made a new pin cushion from my great grandma's old one. She used it, grama used it, mom used it and now me. It was falling apart, so I spruced it up a bit. :O)

Well, I just finished my bra design for the Creative Cups for Cancer 2010 Benefit and Auction for Breast Cancer. Many hours and very sore fingers and hands. I had fun though and especially when it brought back memories of mom and I sewing together. I'm so grateful she was so patient with me. She taught me so much. I am able to make my living as an artist because of my mom and dad and my extended family being so supportive all my life. I loved going through the material and the old photos. I can remember exactly which piece of clothing was made from which fabric. (as an aside. . . I can't seem to find my keys half the time or where I left my glasses or my coffee cup. . . hmmmm